- Llucmajor - High Voltage -


This web page has been created for those affected by the high voltage power line projected in the municipality of Llucmajor. TASAMALLORCA works in collaboration with the platform ALTA TENSIÓ A LLUCMAJOR (High voltage in Llucmajor), which groups those affected by the power lines, and the lawyer’s office BUSE HEBERER FROMM, which brings legal counselling. 
If you wish, you can also consult this web page in Catalan, Spanish and German.


The objective of this web page is to offer an advisory service to those affected by the expropriation, regarding the valuation or appraisal of the land expropriated in order to make an informed decision. The intention is to offer enough information so that each affected owner might decide if it is convenient to accept the initial valuation made by Red Eléctrica de España which will be offered to reach an amicable settlement, or if on the contrary, it would be better to continue with the expropriation procedure, during which the affected have the opportunity to present their own valuation. 
At TASAMALLORCA we promise to study each single case and to provide an individual reasonable pre-valuation of the land expropriated, indicating the benefits and drawbacks in deciding to continue with the expropriation process. This study will have no cost for those affected and will not imply any further obligation on their part. 
Unity creates strength, and in a case like this one, it becomes clear that a joint strategy for preparing the valuations gives coherence to them, allowing for higher credibility before the Expropriation Jury. In addition, from an operating point of view, it is easier e.g. to conduct proceedings or request documentation to the City Council as a group than as an individual. 


We put at the disposal of those affected the following phone numbers:

971 71 85 06 (ENGLISH, DEUTSCH) - 609 11 73 99 (ESPAÑOL) - 600 51 92 72 (CATALÀ)


In order to start working in each individual case, we need some data from the owners and the affected plots. If you would like us to study your case, without cost or any obligation, please fill out the following questionnaire: